10.08.2010 - Meeting

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  • Release released 2 weeks after the announced date.
  • Not enough time to test the release.


RELEASE : 07-12-2010 (ORFEO days)

RELEASE Candidate : 19-11-2010

From previous Road Map

  • Automatic vectorization from segmented image (computed in the module or as input) in vectorization module.
  • Add contribution on GPU programming
  • Add class to compute automatically orthorectification parameters (integrate in Applications and Monteverdi)
  • Find a way to handle big images in OBIA framework (Automatic caching of input segmented image? Look at contribution from J.Berthrand)
  • OBIA : export full scene result in PostGIS

OTB Library

  • Update Liblas (possible new release)
  • Update libSVM to 3.0
  • Test the OSSIM update process
  • Test ITK v.4. Start to test the new ITK statistics.
  • For Jpeg2000, wait for the ITK v.4 that will support the format
  • Object detection module :
    • Improve/correct exiting descriptors (Flusser, complex and geometric moments)
    • Add new descriptors :
      • FFT coef of Melin transform
      • segment alignment statistics
      • Level Set trasnform
      • local histogram
      • ...
    • Create a line argument executable


  • Intelligent segmentation module (add new algorithm to the MeanShift module)
  • Module to import a DEM image in a given projection (otbDEMToOrthoImageGenerator) with a hill shading option
  • Color Mapping module
  • Integrate polarimetric analysis tools : viewer, simple statistics computer module (C. Tison)
  • Move the Polarimetric Synthesis application
  • Merge contribution on Viewer from Monteverdi-Compression (several images in transparency, more rendering functions)

QGis Plugins

  • Use the D. Dubois contribution to generate Qt GUIs (use the otbCommandLineArgument)
  • Make of Monteverdi a QGis plugin