Alignment and right angle detection (Burns, Grompone)

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  • The Segment detection was done using the LSD algorithm ( a fast Line Segment Detection algorithm).
 see otbLineSegmentDetetection.{h, txx}

The result is a linear-time Line Segment Detector that give accurate results and a controlled number of false detections, without the need of parameter tuning for each image.

the publication of Grompone, Jackubowiscz , Morel & Randal was followed for the implementation : (see :

  • A class for right angle detection was implemented too, it takes a lineListType as input and compute a pointSet containing the coordinates of the right angles, and the segments that form the right angles.
see otbLineSpatialObjectListFilterToRightAnglePointSetFilter.{h, txx}

The aim of those two classes is to do a gemotry-based unsupervised (LSD an rightAngle CLass are parameters tunning less) urban area detection