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The official bug reporter for OTB is here. When you report a bug, please take care to fill the fields carefully. The main fields are the following:

  • Reproducibility: please indicate if the issue is reproducible or not
  • Severity: this field it not the most important for us: please fill this field only if the bug generate a crash of your code or if you have already evaluate the bug based on the code.
  • Priority: this field is for the development team.
  • Platform: this field is useful if your platform submit to the OTB dashboard and if you have a test related to your bug.
  • OS: please indicate your Operating System
  • OS Version: please indicate the version of your Operating System
  • Assign To: this field is for the development team
  • Summary: take care to the name of your bug
  • Description: Describe your issue with a maximum of information:
    • input data used (if you can, please provide a sample or a the output of gdalinfo)
    • parameter values
    • error messages
  • Steps To Reproduce: if your able to reproduce, please add here the related informations
  • Additional Information: you can add here for example:
    • how you have retrieve OTB: package, superbuild, local build
    • your gcc /cmake version