Dealing with SAR complex images

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Things to check

Tested data type:

  4. RAD_CI2,
  5. RAD_CI4, (OTB-Data/Input)
  6. RAD_CR4, (OTB-Data/Input)
  7. PALSAR,
  9. SAR_ERS2.

  1. Complex image resampling: what happens when using a lambda interpolator? Which are the possibilities to compute a correct interpolation? Which are the use cases where this is needed?
  2. Reading SLC data: How are the different formats dealt with (complex pixels, 2 bands R and I, several files included polaimetric data)? Refer to bug 20:
  3. What happens with the orthorectification application in the case where we have an SLC data as input and an intensity image is expected as output? Which satellite formats are correctly working? Is the resampling supposed to be done on the SLC or the intensity? Status of Complex Images IO
  4. Viewer : can we have a color composition mode for files containing 2 bands? Yes, what?
    1. RGB Mode : OK, except the fact that the composition order is not the same for every images (112, 121, 211).
    2. Complex Composition Mode : OK, but works with the same channel as default (1), should be 1 and 2 or 2 and 1.
    3. Grayscale : with the channel 1 : OK, with the channel 2 : display an RGB image!
    4. can't open RAD_CI4 and RAD_CR4 in OTB-Data.
  5. Other?