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  1. Progress bar LandCover [1]. Probably caused by this bug.
  2. Transparency display for LandCover
  3. Windows binaires generation and test on different machines
  4. Dashboard clean up (starting with Applications then the lib) starting with the easier issues:
    1. fluid problems on Windows,


  1. Configuration
    1. Make all platforms run the correct tests
  2. Applications
    1. Fix bug induced by bugfix #28
    2. Write an fl_alert-like macro without a Fl::run() call
    3. Image co-registration (Pléiades/QB, Pléiades/SPOT5, Pléiades/CSK, CSK/ASAR/ERS, SPOT5/ASAR/ERS, etc.)
      1. Fine Registration Specification
      2. Plug GUI callbacks for FineRegistrationApplication
      3. Build streaming capabilities for output image generation
        1. Write a streamable warp image filter
        2. Write streamable deformation estimation filters
        3. Integrates the filters within the fine registration application
      4. Validate the application and correct it
        1. Fix pipeline updating problem
        2. Fix open image twice problem
        3. Cosmetic enhancement (tooltips, resizing, appearance)
    4. Object counting (Pléiades, QB, Ikonos)
      1. Object counting application specifications
      2. Implementation
        1. Implement object template selection using input polygon from user
        2. Implement the counting chain to work on the full resolution extract
        3. Use the counting chain on the whole image
        4. Compute statistics on the detected objects
        5. Import examples
        6. Export results
        7. Button for erasing all selected ROIs:erase a polygon with double click right instead.
      3. Cosmetic enhancement
        1. Tooltips
      4. Validate the application and correct it
        1. Ensure a proper catch of the exception thrown by the spectral angle filter
    5. Road network extraction (Pléiades, QB, Ikonos, SPOT5)
      1. Road network extraction specifications
      2. Implementation
        1. Wire the callbacks so that the Run Button now triggers the update
        2. Enhance reference pixel selection
        3. Support all the current input types and add new input types (NDWI)
        4. Wire the exit callback using the new method (TODO: Document the new method)
      3. Cosmetic enhancement
        1. Add the appropriate tooltips
        2. Display segments with a thinckness related to the alpha parameter
        3. Ensure a proper catch of the exception thrown by the spectral angle filter
        4. Change the opacity of the training polygons so that we can see if they were detected
  3. Library
    1. Polygon perturbations(otbImageFittingPolygonListFilter)
    2. MeanShift clustering
    3. Update the ITK version 3.10.1 in the OTB/Utilities repository
    4. Throw an exception when using spectral angle filter on single channel image
  4. Bugs
    1. SegmentationApplication refresh [2]
    2. Pireo crash [3]
    3. Viewer segfault [4]


  1. Applications
    1. Urban area extraction
    2. Image to Data Base registration
    3. Visualisation Refactoring
    4. Feature Extraction
      1. Add textures
      2. Add radiometric indexes
      3. Add MeanShift
      4. Check display refresh when moving on the mini-map image
  2. Library
    1. Rewrite texture computation for FeatureExtraction application (ScalarImageTextureFunctor is doing too many allocations)
    2. Cloud detection for QB/Pléiades images
    3. Alignment and right angle detection (Burns, Grompone)
    4. SIFT density image function and filter
    5. Principal Component Analysis
    6. Radiometric Indices
    7. Extract ROI from VectorData
    8. PanTex measure
    9. Edge Density Measure
    10. Structural Feature Set
  3. Configuration
    1. Ensure OTB builds everything against the same TIFF/GeoTIFF
    2. Correct bugs (Visual 8 & Express 2005) in the config script
    3. Run "indent" on the whole source tree in order to have a proper indentation (done with astyle as indent is not so good for c++)