Fine Registration Specification

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  1. Open an image pair
  2. Display the imagepair
    1. Pb to display the ROI_IKO_PAN_LesHalles.tif : it's "red" in "Images" and "Minimap" areas.
    2. The registration starts automatically. It should be triggered only after pushing the "Run" button.
    3. The "Fixed", "Moving" and "Resampled" checkboxes have no effect on the display
  3. Launch registration
    1. The Run button is disable
    2. Progress bars are needed (iterations, images saving)
    3. The "XDeformation", YDeformation" and "Intensity" checkboxes have no effect on the display
  4. Display diaprity map : already implemented
  5. Save disparity map
  6. Save registered image
  7. Others
    1. Pb with the Exit button


  1. Scroll image has as channel fixed, moving (*2) -> is it convenient with the image representation (fixed, moving, warpped)?