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List your OSGeo Google Summer of Code 2014 Ideas Here!

Vector layer rendering and import/export functionality from GIS in Monteverdi2

  • Possible mentor : Manuel Grizonnet
  • Ideas : improve OTB GUI project called Monteverdi2 to enable vector data rendering and simple editing functions for vector layers. Moreover, Monteverdi2 allow to manage a collection of dataset and it should be nice to improve compatibility of MOnteverdi2 project with other open source GIS software like Quantum GIS. It could be nice also to add the other way which allow to import QGIS project into Monteverdi2

Modern multi image visualization GUI for Satellite Image Time Series in Monteverdi2

  • Possible mentor : Manuel Grizonnet
  • Ideas : The use of multi-temporal images series will increase in the future with the arrival of new satellite like Sentinel-2 which will provide consistent time series with a revisit time of 2-3 days at mid-lattitudes. It could nice to add modern visualization functionality to browse and search easterly into these Satellite Image Time Series and define new modes of visualization not available for now in othre remote sensing tools (slider, cover flow, swipe...)

Hyperspectral image toolkit in Monteverdi2

  • Possible mentor : Manuel Grizonnet
  • Ideas : Add dedicated visualization functionality in OTB to perform hyperscptral image analysis (visualization in the spectral dimension, on the fly dimensionality reduction, spectral angle computation...)