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The need of filters to easily switch between differents formats of vector datas.


2 versions:

  • Old version: Translate VectorData geometries in SQL commands (like the shp2pgsql command)
  • New version: Translate VectorData using OGR driver which write datas in a PostGIS table


Use the OGR driver IO translator


The algorithm follows a finite states machine described in the following paper:

"An algorithm for the rapid computation of boundaries of run-length encoded regions", Francis K. H. Queck, in Pattern Recognition 33 (2000), p 1637-1649.

Lines in the RLE are first sorted in lexicographical order (to ensure ordered RLE), and the finite states machine tracks the edge following 8 canonical states given by the configuration of two consecutive raws of lines.

Iterations are done until convergence which is guaranteed to happen.

Problem in bounding regions


For now, only available for polygon translation

for line, need to create a polyline with bresenham algorithm


in progress... Use the functor and a addpolygons function Need to save the label in a alphanumeric column


in progress...


in progress...