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This page references small guides written for OTB developers, in order to discover the different sides of the project. First step is to add links to useful resources.

Development in OTB

Development in Monteverdi & Ice

Dashboard maintainance

The dashboards are executed on different platforms using a task planner (cron for Unix platforms or Windows default task planner).

There is often a unique script (bash or bat) that is the entry point for dashboard tests. This script call ctest to run the different CMake scripts for each dashboard/project/configuration.

All CMake scripts are located in OTB-DevUtils/Config.

The main mechanisms for CMake script are located in otb_common.cmake. Other scripts simply initialize the cache for build, tune other settings, and finally call otb_common.cmake. There are several predefined variables names that can be understood and processed by otb_common in order to customize the dashboard configuration.


  • Debian

Please read the packaging policy and howto test packages for DebianGIS.

  • Ubuntu

If packages are available in DebianGIS, here is a Backport_packages_from_DebianGIS to copy them to ubuntugis ppa.

If they don't exists. use the scripts from DevUtils/Packaging/ubuntu/<project-name>

  • Fedora

.spec files are updated for each release. They are pushed here DevUtils/Packaging/fedora To build a package:

cd /path/to/DevUtils/Packaging/fedora/SPECS

rpmbuild otb.spec

Then upload srpms to Copr

  • MXE

There is a forked repo on github that is used by OTB. To setup mxe. See their documentation regarding requirements and also creating new packages.