How to Release 3.10

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  • J-3 (Mardi)
  1. [Done] Update version numbers in CMakeLists.txt (OTB, Monteverdi, Wrapping)
  2. [Done] Update version numbers in doxygen => Manuel? HOW to do that!!!
  3. [Done] Update version numbers in software guide => Manuel
  4. [Done] Update release notes => Julien
  • J-2
  1. Packages preparation based on the version that will be tested by the nightly dashboard
    1. [Done] Tag the following projects : OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Applications, OTB-Wrapping, OTB-Data, OTB-Documents, OTB-DevUtils
    2. [Done] OTB, OTB-Applications, Monteverdi, OTB-Wrapping source packages : TGZ and ZIP
    3. Windows binaries on /www/packages :
      1. [Done] Monteverdi
      2. [Done] OTB-Applications
      3. [Done] OTB-Wrapping
    4. Ubuntu packages :
      1. [Done] OTB
      2. [Done] Monteverdi
      3. [Done] OTB-Applications
      4. [Done] OTB-Wrapping
    5. RPM packages
      1. [Done] OTB
      2. [Done] Monteverdi
      3. [Done] OTB-Applications
      4. [Done] OTB-Wrapping
  2. [Done] Software guide and cookbook generation
  3. [Done] Launch doxygen generation (will finish on J)
  4. [Done] Launch javadoc generation
  5. [Done] Test the packages (binary AND sources)
  • J-1 (no last minute correction or abort release and go back J-2)
  1. [Done] Last dashboard check to confirm the release
  2. [Done] Update date in RELEASE_NOTES.txt
  3. [Done] Retag OTB project with updated release notes
  4. [Done] Regenerate OTB source packages with updated release notes
  5. [Done] No need OTB-Wrapping ZIP -> Julien? Upload the packages on orfeo-toolbox
  6. [Done] Do some cleanup in the packages dir on orfeo-toolbox if relevant (keep new release and N-1 release, put release candidate packages in 'archives')
  7. [Done] Upload Software Guide on orfeo-toolbox
  8. [Done] Upload Cookbook on orfeo-toolbox
  9. [Done] Upload the packages on sourceforge
  10. [Done] Upload Software Guide on sourceforge
  11. [Done] Upload Cookbook on sourceforge
  12. [Done] Update status on freshmeat
  • J
  1. [Done] Update direct link on orfeo-toolbox
  2. [Done] Update doxygen on orfeo-toolbox
  3. Update javadoc on orfeo-toolbox
  4. [Done] Update Software Guide online on orfeo-toolbox
  5. [Done] Update Cookbook online on orfeo-toolbox
  6. [Done] Update FAQ html on orfeo-toolbox
  7. [Done] Update FAQ pdf on orfeo-toolbox (packages)
  8. [Done] Update OTB-Data-Examples.tgz on orfeo-toolbox (packages)
  9. [Done] Send email to mailing list to announce the release
  10. [Done] Release announcement on the blog
  • J+1
  1. Update version number to a development version (odd minor number)
  • J+N
  1. [Done] Update osgeo-live GIS installation script with new OTB versions