OTB 3.6

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These are the new features that will be available at the library level:

  • Support of Formosat and WorldView2 sensor model
  • Generic framework for SAR calibration
  • Run-length based texture analysis (based on a contribution to the Insight Journal: http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/231)
  • New (faster) framework for orthorectification :
    • Optional physical to RPC model estimation (applying RPC is faster)
    • Deformation field-based orthorectification, supporting coarser (lower resolution) field (major speed-up)
    • Seamless ortho-rectification of XS images (no need for PerBandImageFilter anymore)
  • GPU-based filters ? (Emmanuel?) => too much impact on configuration, reported to 3.8
  • Refactoring of ImageMetaDataInterface to handle Image and SAR data through separate interface
  • Classes to perform Object based image classification
  • Sub-pixel correlation map and deformation field estimation between two images (optionnal GPU version)
  • Filter to evaluate mathematical expressions on image layers (absed on the Mu Parser library)

These are the Monteverdi modules that will be shipped with OTB 3.6:

  • Fine Correlation module
  • Object based image classification module
  • New Band math module (based on Mu parser)
  • Vectorization module (with a semi-automatic vectorization mode based on segmentation algorithms)
  • Visualization module for hyperspectral data

Internal libraries update:

  • ITK 3.20
  • Updated ossim library


RC1 : 09/09/2010

Release : 15/09/2010