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For those who develop with otb and ossim, some modifications in the way we handle them. We are trying to make the use of ossim in otb much cleaner.


This brings the following benefits

  • no requirement of the ossim header for compilation of a project using OTB.
  • no necessary to install the ossim headers when installing otb packages (removing a whole range of conflicts)
  • easier wrapping
  • easier use of otb in other projects


To reach these goals, we need to respect the following constraints:

  • #include ossim strictly limited to the cxx files in Code/UtilitiesAdapters/OssimAdapters
  • no use of #include ossim in project such as Monteverdi (all the previous use of ossim have been replaces by call to itksys::SystemTools for file manipulation or boost/algorithm/string.hpp for string manipulations)
  • the venerable otb::MapProjection is deprecated and should be replaced by otb::GenericMapProjection

When and what?

  • the upcoming release of OTB already cleaned up most of the interface, but mostly without external impact
  • after the release, the ossim header files won't be automatically included outside of Code/UtilitiesAdapters/OssimAdapters and won't be available for external projects.