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Monday 2015.09.14 2:00 PM CEST

The meeting will be held on OTB irc channel.


  • Git workflow and release process (including release manager role)
  • Feedback on RFCs process
  • What to do with roadmaps [[1]]
  • Contributors guidelines (required for OSGeo incubation)
  • Focus on Monteverdi2
  • Discuss about single code license for sources under ossimplugins (LGPL-2 / LGPL-3 / Apache(upcoming OTB) / MIT (ossim) )


  • Rémi Cresson
  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Jordi Inglada
  • Rashad Kanavath
  • Julien Michel
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Mickaël Savinaud
  • Norman Vine


Git workflow and release process (including release manager role)
  • develop acts as a "ship it" branch: it should be ready for a release most of the time
  • commits that can be made directly in develop are: typos, documentation, compilation warning and error fixes, test fixing, small bug-fixes that affects only develop (and not the last stable release)
  • Tracked bug fixes are to be made on a branch deriving from the last stable release, and merged to last stable branch and to develop
  • Everything else should go to a branch (one for each feature)
  • Rule of thumb: branches should be kept as small as possible so as to be easier to review and therefore merged sooner
  • Merges are approved by Release Manager or Backup Release Manager by following the checklist
  • During meeting, the RM (Rémi Cresson) and BRM (Guillaume Pasero) for release 5.2 have been nominated


  • RM and BRM: introduce themselves on otb-developers and start a thread about next release date
  • [DONE] Update git workflow wiki page (Guillaume)
Feedback on RFCs process
  • Current RFC process is not satisfactory (not easy to know when to vote and when to propose RFCs)
  • New proposed workflow: RFComments -> comments -> development -> RFChanges -> review -> vote -> merge
  • RFComments describe the changes intended so as to start a discussion and gather comments. RFComments are not voted
  • RFChanges correspond to work done (for instance a feature branch that implements a part of a feature and which is ready to merge) that require approval for merge. RFChanges are voted by PSC.
  • PSC votes RFChanges based on its content, and RM/BRM give formal merge approval based on the checklist
  • RFComments are not mandatory but they aim at better preparing development of large feature and sketch the big picture (one RFComments can yeld several RFChanges). It is possible to directly make a RFChanges.


  • Update wiki page on RFC to reflect the new process (Julien)
What to do with roadmaps
  • It is still unclear what roadmaps should be, given that PSC itself has no mean of development
  • Jordi's chart gives a global view of what could be done
  • The goal was to add tags to reflect what features are planned by who
  • Jordi would like some feedback before proceeding


  • Comment on the file sent by Jordi
Contributors guidelines (required for OSGeo incubation)
  • What is currently on the wiki page seem to be enough
  • Two sections are missing :
    • Coding style
    • How to get permissions on


  • [DONE] Update the wiki page with the 2 missing points (Guillaume)
Focus on Monteverdi2
  • Monteverdi should be managed by same processes than OTB (RFCs, git, releases)
  • CNES is currently developping Mv2, a lighter version of Monteverdi2 which gives access to more functions of Ice.
    • It has the same look & feel
    • It removes the part about dataset management and persistency
    • It loads and allows to display images faster
  • It had been decided during hackfest in june that we will release a beta version of this viewer to gather feedback
  • If those are positive, we could integrate mapla (application launcher in it) and make it monteverdi 3
  • It has been decided that Monteverdi and OTB release should be kept synced (The mv2 beta version will be an exception to this rule)


  • Finalize mv2 beta version and distribute it to gather feedback
Discuss about single code license for sources under ossimplugins
  • Some code in OSSIM plugins could be merged into OSSIM core
  • However, part of this code is under LGPL-3, whereas OSSIM core is now MIT
  • Since the meeting had been quite long already, it has been decided that this topic will be discussed on otb-developers


  • Open topic on otb-developers (Rashad)

Logs of conversation

IRC logs of Monday 2015.09.14 2:00 PM CEST

Lessons learned

  • The meeting was obviously too long, partly because of first topic (discussions took a third of the total meeting time)

Friday 2016.01.08 2:30 PM CEST


  1. Small debrief on previous release, organized around the following topics :
    1. PSC and decision process
    2. Development workflow
    3. Packaging strategy for Linux
    4. Content and agenda for OTB 5.2.1
  2. Setup a roadmap towards OTB 5.4
    1. Gather people ideas to enhance the roadmap (Jordi already compiled a lot of ideas)
    2. What is the status of QGIS integration and who is maintainer
    3. Should ice be merged as an OTB module, and how would it affect packaging
    4. Find which one have a higher priority for next release
    5. Conclude on the features and technical improvements scheduled for OTB 5.4


  • Rémi Cresson
  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Jordi Inglada
  • Rashad Kanavath
  • Victor Poughon
  • Cedric Lardreux
  • Julien Michel
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Mickaël Savinaud
  • Angelos Tzotzos
  • Norman Vine
  • Christophe Pallmann


PSC and decision process
  • do not change to much the RFC process for now
  • speed up the release process
  • remove from how to release all packaging stuff except what is really in our hands (self extracting binaries for linux and windows)
  • We will try to release every 3 months, with a hard feature freeze deadline
  • RM should be able to say NO more often
  • feature freeze == branch from develop allowing to continue to work in develop without interfering with the release process
  • TODO: Propose a lighter how to release process (Victor)
  • TODO: Propose a how to minor release process (Victor)
Development workflow
  • no consensus of the purpose of the master branch -> need a vote and further discussion on otb-developers
  • TODO: Initiate the thread on otb-developers (Victor or Guillaume)
Packaging strategy for Linux
  • We're doing to much things at the same time
  • We need someone to decide the packaging strategy for distros ((including osgeo4w and macports)
  • This person (the packaging manager) is also in charge of tracking packages status for each target
  • TODO: Initiate a thread to nominate a packaging manager (Julien)
Content and agenda for OTB 5.2.1
  • next week with ossim fixes and add application in monteverdi
  • New RM (Victor) will handle it
Conclude on the features and technical improvements scheduled for OTB 5.4

During meeting, the following items have been selected as a roadmap for OTB 5.4 (remember that it is scheduled in 3 months):

Main features:

  • Green dashboard
  • P. Lassalle's code for large scale RF
  • Classification framework (integration of sampling code from cnes)

Smaller features that could also be develop if there is so time left:

  • Applications for change detection (in preparation of S1 and S2 data exploitation)
  • Ortho from gcps in meta-data
  • ESA-SOCIS insar integration
  • DTW from CNES study

Adding other speckle filters (sigma lee, gamma MAP) have also been discussed, but it has been decided that unless a very specific filter is missing for someone, we will not spend to much time on this for next release.

What is the status of QGIS integration and who is maintainer

This topic has already been discussed by the past:

  • Qgis processing framework is an entry point for OTB users
  • Has been enhanced episodically, but there is nobody in charge of daily maintenance for now
  • Is broken mainly because it gets out of sync with OTB version
  • It would be a good idea that the plugins checks the OTB version and abort if the correct version is not detected
  • TODO: Initiate a thread on this topic on otb-developers (Manuel)
Should ice be merged as an OTB module, and how would it affect packaging
  • Ice is a small side project which requires its own versifying, release process, packaging and dashboard
  • It would make more sense to have it as a module inside OTB
  • New third parties could be deactivated by default (as other are)
  • Everybody agreed that it is a good idea after all
  • TODO: Prepare code in a branch and submit RFC for PSC vote (Julien)

Logs of conversation

IRC logs of friday 2016.01.08 2:30 PM CEST

Lessons learned

Friday 2016.04.15 14:00 CEST


  1. Feedback on 5.4 release experience
  2. New features for 5.6
  3. Where is the "OTB wishlist". i.e. features not currently being worked on and without a technical proposal? (wiki, jira, .txt file somewhere...)
  4. What is our packaging strategy ?
  5. Technical topics:
    1. Should Monteverdi be merged into OTB?
    2. SimpleOTB
    3. JPEG2000 and Sentinel2 products
    4. MPI OTB
    5. In memory app pipeline
  6. Next release manager


  • Rémi Cresson
  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Jordi Inglada
  • Rashad Kanavath
  • Victor Poughon
  • Julien Michel
  • Guillaume Pasero


1. Feedback on 5.4 release experience

Need full automation of builds and tests during a release

  • TODO Julien: Organise a meeting between cnes and cs to talk automation
  • TODO Victor: Give feedback of release manager when 5.4 is done
2. New features for 5.6

Keep working on the new sampling/classification framework, users in Jordi's lab can help with testing. Julien has some S1 geometric model for OSSIM, TODO:

  • merge it in ossimplugins
  • handle read/write of necessary geometric parameters to geom files
  • option: do the same for TSX
  • gold option : do the same for every other sensors and remove the old SAR geometric modelling implementation

These are 4 different RFCs, aim for 2 in 5.6 release

3. Where is the "OTB wishlist"

no decision

4. Packaging strategy

CNES is responsible for standalone binaries and debian gis. The rest is up to the community and unsupported.

  • TODO Victor: Update the website and wiki page
5. Technical topics
5.1 Should Monteverdi be merged into OTB?


5.2 Simple OTB

A lot of work and maintenance, try to improve existing bindings for now

5.3 JPEG2000 and Sentinel2 products

Now that we have a GDAL driver for S2, users are opening images in Monteverdi, but it is quite slow with OpenJPEG. We could look at the grok fork which is supposed to be faster (but C++14 and AGPL):

5.4 MPI

Keep working on it! No PSC decision.

6 New Release Manager
  • Julien as RM, Jordi as backup RM and grizonnetm as backup backup RM

Logs of conversation

IRC log of Friday 2016.04.15 14:00 CEST

Lessons learned

Thursday 2016.06.09 15:00 CEST

This meeting was in person at the OTB User Days. There are no IRC logs.


  1. Feedback on OTB User Days
  2. Feedback on the ongoing release (5.6)
  3. Roadmap for post 5.6


  • Stéphane Albert
  • Julien Michel
  • Jordi Inglada
  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Luc Hermitte
  • Christophe Pallmann
  • Victor Poughon
  • Mickaël Savinaud
  • Rashad Kanavath


Feedback on OTB Users Days
  • TODO Ask all presenters to send their presentations
  • TODO Post on the blog with presentations and major work
  • TODO Email thanks to all participants
  • TODO open all bugs on mantis

First day: a bit long but good

Second day: vary appreciated tutorials think about how to enable more for next year

Third day: Maybe for next year: move brainstorming to third day and make second day full tutorials

User feedback


  • In memory application chaining
  • Monteverdi vector rendering
  • In OTB GUI: write command line equivalent in the log
  • Improve short name vs long name situation in application names and parameters
  • Monteverdi: complex data visualisation
  • TODO look at Augustin presentation for more items
  • Monteverdi: "preview feature" using the new in memory application processing
  • Monteverdi: allow to change interpolation mode for zoom levels above 1:1


  • don't do simpleOTB
  • Improve applications
  • Add new applications (expose more filters)
  • Look into using Even Roualt's pull request of OpenJPEG
Upcoming release:

Upcoming RFCs:

  • In memory app chaining
  • Shark integration
  • Cookbook
  • otbcli tab completion scripts
  • gdal 2.0 superbuild
  • MPI integration
  • ITK 4.10 superbuild
  • S1 geometry
  • Request for Comments-30: Shorter release process
  • Request for Comments-31: Dashboard refactoring
Roadmap post 5.6:

Post S1 work:

  • terraSAR-X
  • TODO: make a wiki page "Application wishlist"
  • What's the plan with S2?
  • Add S1 interferometry
  • DTW code, Gap Filling external modules
  • Improve workflow for external contributions (gitlab, contributor agreement?)
  • look how to migrate away from googlegroups

Monday 2016.09.05 2:00 PM CEST


  • Feedback from release 5.6
  • How to ensure to get documentation of new features from RFC after the merge (examples, cookbook recipes...)?
  • Decision about removal of internal OpenJPEG reader in OTB
  • Dashboard scripts following Monteverdi integration
  • GRM and LSGRM integration
  • Merging courses into the cookbook
  • Next RM?


  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Julien Michel
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Rashad K.


  • Make RFComments 30 an RFC (faster release process, no more RC, how to release process, bugfix release decision process (RM will track actions from branching to final release, and decide when to do minor releases))
  • PSC members should have access to server stats to monitor OTB downloads (source, docs, binaries)
  • Remove internal OpenJPEG reader in OTB
  • Continue to work on improvements of cdash scripts (cleaning, dependency policies (superbuild or system libs)
  • Segmentation: integration?
  • Merge courses in cookbook
  • Manuel next RM



Monday 2016.11.14 3:00 PM CEST


  • Feedback from release 5.8
  • Choose new Release Manager
  • Changing licence to Apache v2.0 (status)
  • 5.10 or 6.0 ?
  • how to make PSC meetings more attractive to external people ?
  • What to do next ?
  • Add topic here


  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Julien Michel
  • Victor
  • Rashad
  • Guillaume


  • Feedback from release 5.8
    • try to reduce the feature freeze (4 weeks this time)
    • Revamp continuous builds
    • we need more vm's to test all configuration equally (Windows?)
  • Choose new Release Manager
    • Guillaume Pasero
  • 5.10 or 6.0 ?
    • let see if license change is ready for next release
    • if so we call it 6.0
    • otherwise it will be 5.10
    • and we stick to the 3 months plan (sort of)
  • how to make PSC meetings more attractive to external people ?
    • next irc meeting #osgeo?
    • focus on subjects related to otb in otb
    • need more people in the PSC
    • Manuel and try to discuss with Jordi
  • What to do next ?
    • more apps
    • compilers: xdk drops gcc < 4.8 and package uses gcc 4.1.2 without packaging shark


IRC logs Monday 2016.11.14 3:00 PM CEST

Monday 2017.02.27


  • Feedback from release 5.10
  • Choose new Release Manager
  • 6.0 roadmap
  • Add topic here


  • Manuel Grizonnet
  • Julien Michel
  • Victor Poughon
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Rémi Cresson
  • Rashad Kanavath
  • Ludovic Hussonnois


  • Feedback from release 5.10
    • Introduce minimal package testing (check extraction, test binaries for segfault at startup and dynamic link errors)
  • Choose new Release Manager
    • Release Manager : Rémi
    • Backup : Victor
  • 6.0 roadmap
    • Licence migration is to happen soon
    • Cleaning of deprecated code : we need a survey to identify code that can be removed right-away from code that is still used somewhere else
    • There is on-going work on unsupervised learning
    • Some code will be contributed on OBIA and multi-temporal analysis
    • We will try to integrate a remote module to core : either SERTITObject or Mosaic (Authors agrement and licence agreement are needed )


IRC logs Monday 2017.02.27 3:00 PM CEST