Proposals for GSoC 2015

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Proposal: Better examples for OTB software guide

Brief description

OTB got an extensive set of examples which constitutes the OTB software guide, a document which give examples of code and illustrate the use of most of OTB functions. It is extremely useful as the source code of all those examples are integrated in the OTB tree (as the comments) and all this document is auto-magically generated to ensure to display up-to-date results of OTB code. On the other it is difficult to browse examples in the document (800 pages!), it is also difficult wrap or integrate those examples in other documents. As OTB move to a more modular architecture it will be also nice that those examples follow the same principle. A new structure for OTB examples will allow to export them through different targets (rst, wiki, html...)

Those improvements could be largely inspired by the tremendous work done by ITK developers last years:

There is also a proposal on the ITK side regarding examples and documentation. We could imagine that gsoc students from otb and itk join their efforts.

Expected results

Fully independent and compilable project with all OTB examples to illustrate the use of the library accessible in the wiki, in the software guide and on the OTB website.


Manuel Grizonnet