Removing "FATAL: unable to reade tags" message in one command line

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This is a simple command-line to remove the confusing "FATAL: unable to reade tags" warning from ossim (run in OTB sources) :

sed -e '/ossimNotify/ {N;/\n*FATAL/ {N;/\n*reade/ {N;/endl;/ {s/ossimNotify.*\n.*\n.*\n.*endl;/\/\/ "FATAL: Unable to reade tags" warning removed by otb developpers/}}}}' Utilities/otbossim/src/ossim/support_data/ossimGeoTiff.cpp > ossimGeoTiff.cpp_MODIFIED
mv ossimGeoTiff.cpp_MODIFIED Utilities/otbossim/src/ossim/support_data/ossimGeoTiff.cpp