Request for Changes-10: New applications for SAR processing

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[Request for Changes - 10] New applications for SAR processing



Document old SAR processing classes, and expose them with new applications.


This request for change is about SAR processing tasks. Some features were already available in OTB, but they were not well documented, nor adequately exposed. The main objective was then to gather the different existing filters for SAR processing, to expose them through otb-applications, and to add a clear documentation to the cookbook.

Implementation details

Classes and files

The new applications come with a bunch of bug fixes about the involved filters. But all those commits were pushed to "develop" branch, not to "new-app-sar" one.


The new apps are the following :

  • Polarimetric synthesis (SARPolarSynth), which supports many different polarization architectures,
  • Matrices conversions (SARPolarMatrixConvert), which allows to get different classical matrices from the Sinclair one,
  • Polarimetric decompositions (SARDecompositions), which currently only implements the H-alpha-A decomposition.


Tests for the new applications are available in the branch "new-app-sar".


Cookbook : (~ p.93-105).

Additional notes