Request for Changes-35: FineRegistration, performances increased

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[Request for Changes - 35] FineRegistration, performances increased



Golden section search was implemented in replacement of the naive dichotomy search, in order to increase the performances of the FineRegistration application. Moreover, there are now two stopping criteria that work in tandem : the first one that tells the optimization must stop, actually stops it.

  • first criteria : check that the bounds of the dichotomy are under a given threshold (unchanged)
  • new criteria : check whether the used metric has become flat (new criterion)

They are also part of the application acceleration.


Depending on the metric used, getting a fine registration in a reasonable time was not possible, even with small images.

Implementation details

Backward compatibility preserved.

Classes and files

M       Modules/Registration/DisparityMap/include/otbFineRegistrationImageFilter.h
M       Modules/Registration/DisparityMap/include/otbFineRegistrationImageFilter.txx


M       Modules/Applications/AppStereo/app/otbFineRegistration.cxx


M Modules/Applications/AppStereo/test/CMakeLists.txt M Modules/Registration/DisparityMap/test/otbFineRegistrationImageFilterTest.cxx



Additional notes

Detailed explanations are given here (mantis 840) : [1].