Request for Changes-3: Build examples based on available modules in OTB installation

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But by default, OTB sets alls OTB_USE_* cmake variable to OFF expect for 6S and SiftFast during CMake configure step. This was discussed in this otb-developer thread. This currently enforces a limit on building OTB Examples standalone or otherwise. No user can users can therefore build examples with a default OTB configuration. This RFC propose a change in Examples' CMake scripts to accept an OTB installation with current default configuration.


Compile OTB examples based on available modules in OTB installation

Implementation details

Changes are strictly to CMakeLists.txt under Examples directory.

Classes and files

  • CMakeLists.txt files in Examples will be changed to check if a dependent module is loaded.
  • If an example is not build due to a dependent module not being loaded, its related test are also not build and or tested.




Tests in Examples are only activated if the dependent otb module is available.



Additional notes

Warn users when an example is deactivated.