Request for Changes-49: Improve classification on vectors

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[Request for Changes - 49] Improve classification on vectors



This RFC provides an enhanced version of the TrainOGRLayerClassifier. The new application TrainVectorClassifier allows to train all classifiers from libSVM or OpenCV.


This is the next step after the sampling extraction (see Request_for_Changes-46:_Sample_extractor). See also request for comments #20 : [1]

Implementation details

Classes and files

No change.


M       Modules/Applications/AppClassification/app/CMakeLists.txt
M       Modules/Applications/AppClassification/app/otbTrainOGRLayersClassifier.cxx
A       Modules/Applications/AppClassification/app/otbTrainVectorClassifier.cxx

The new application TrainVectorClassifier :

  • uses the same base class as TrainImagesClassifier
  • has a better handling of input field names
  • allows to select the layer in each OGR file
  • proposes a separate input for the validation dataset.
  • supports optional statistics file
  • computes confusion matrix

The application TrainOGRLayersClassifier has been flagged as DEPRECATED.


M       Modules/Applications/AppClassification/test/CMakeLists.txt

A new test has been added for TrainVectorClassifier.


Additional notes