Request for Changes-5: SuperBuild archive script

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[Request for Changes - 5] Superbuild archive script



Provide a tool to produce the all-in-one SuperBuild archives.


When the SuperBuild dependencies are modified, the all-in-one SuperBuild archive has to be updated so that it contains the right dependencies versions. There is a significant number of dependencies to watch, so there is a need for an automatic process to get the dependencies sources, and build the SuperBuild archive.

Implementation details

Classes and files

M       Utilities/Maintenance/

This script has been extended so that it :

  • parses the current SuperBuild CMake folder
  • searches for downloadable URLs
  • gets them using wget
  • compresses the files in an archive
  • computes the md5sum.
M       CMakeLists.txt

A specific target has been added to the main CMakeLists.txt in order to build the SuperBuild archive : SuperBuild-archive






The script usage is self-documented.

Additional notes