Request for Changes-60: Shorter Release Process

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  • Author: Victor Poughon
  • Additional Contributors (if different than authors): Julien Michel, Guillaume Pasero
  • Submitted on 09.09.2016
  • Proposed target release: 5.8
  • Adopted
  • Link to a public git branch or pull request corresponding to the changes. N/A


This is the follow-up RFC to Request_for_Comments-30:_Shorter_release_process and the last PSC meeting. Changes have been implemented. Because this RFC contains no code the purpose is formalize its adoption with a PSC vote.


See Request_for_Comments-30:_Shorter_release_process.

Implementation details

New Release Manager role

Add a new role to the Release Manager: Be responsible for the decision to make a minor bug fix release.

Packages generation

1. Remove manual switch between develop and release branches, automate both. Done (except for windows builds because it's too resource intensive).

2. Rename nightly packages to contain branch and commit id: Done.

3. Automatic package generation should include:

  • Sources packages: Done
  • All standalone binary packages: Done (it's the same as 1. above)
  • Superbuild archive: Done.
  • Software Guide and FAQ: Done
  • CookBook: Done (new rst cookbook)
  • OTB-Data-Examples.tgz: Done
Merge Feature Freeze and Release Candidate

Done. See How_to_Release

What exactly is "Test the nightly generated packages"?

Done. See Help_for_release_actions#Standalone_packages_sanity_check