Request for Changes-61: Use codespell to fix common misspellings in source code

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  • Author: Manuel Grizonnet
  • Additional Contributors (if different than authors):
  • Submitted on 15.09.2016
  • Proposed target release: 5.8
  • Adopted (+3 from Julien, Victor, Guillaume)
  • Merged : 1c8418eba943b36019fd08cd2be86a3481768444


Uses codespell to fix most misspellings in source code. This branch contains:

  • A new script in Utilities/Maintenance based on GDAL script to apply codespell on OTB source tree
  • Patch for various spelling errors in develop branch (result of the above script

Codespell github page:


Use of codespell was suggested by sebastic on Mantis :

The script available in Utilities/Maintenance is based on GDAL one and creates the list of excluded files, get lintian and QGIS dictionnary and apply codespell on OTB source tree The script modifies files in place and is configured in interactive mode (all modifications need to be validate).

Some directories have been excluded for now (Documentation for instance). Some specific rules could be also added in the future to

I would suggest to apply this script before each release.