Request for Changes-69: Force Monteverdi no-GLSL option

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[Request for Changes-56] Monteverdi: Force no-GLSL option


  • Author: Stéphane ALBERT
  • Additional Contributors (if different than authors)
  • Submitted on Oct 4th, 2016
  • Proposed target release 5.8, merged for 5.10
  • Adopted (+3 from Julien, Victor, Guillaume)
  • Merged : 71a2ed5bf239ab57205bdacad81cdc46313805ae


Add an option to Monteverdi to force not using OpenGL Shading Language for rendering i.e. force to use the OpenGL 1 compatible mode (OpenGL texture).

The option consists in:

  • a command line switch -1 (like OpenGL 1.x) or --no-glsl
  • a View/Use OpenGL Shading Language menu item


On some systems, required OpenGL 2.x and GLSL version are automatically found but rendering is not working correctly (seems to depend on driver implementation) [1]. Adding an option to force not using GLSL and use the OpenGL 1 compatible rendering of Ice would solve this issue.

Implementation details

Disabling the use of GLSL an initialization of Monteverdi is already implemented. So, the command-line switch would only require to add an option to the command line and pass the switch to the mvd::MainWindow.

Regarding the View menu item, a reset of the image-view and quicklook-view scenes requires improvement of the mvd::AbstractImageViewRenderer and mvd::ImageViewRenderer to force reset of Monteverdi and Ice scene and reload image data.

Classes and files







Additional notes