Request for Changes-72: Remove JPEG2000ImageIO

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[Request for Changes - 72] Remove JPEG2000ImageIO


  • Author: Guillaume
  • Additional Contributors (if different than authors)
  • Submitted on 17.11.16
  • Proposed target release : 5.10
  • Adopted (+3 from Julien, Rémi, Guillaume)
  • Merged : 9e5a3bf5b9924bb430862e69f8ed7bfbc0287305


This RFC aims at removing the JPEG 2000 reader inside OTB.


This reader was implemented before GDAL had a proper OpenJPEG plugin. Since GDAL 1.11, it is possible to use the OpenJPEG plugin inside GDAL to open J2K images in OTB. It was decided during a PSC meeting to remove this internal reader (PSC_meetings#Decisions_5). It will allow to remove a direct dependency to OTB, and avoid the maintenance work for the IOJPEG2000 module.

Implementation details

Classes and files

D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/CMakeLists.txt
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/include/otbJPEG2000ImageIO.h
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/include/otbJPEG2000ImageIOFactory.h
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/otb-module.cmake
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/src/CMakeLists.txt
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/src/otbJPEG2000ImageIO.cxx
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/src/otbJPEG2000ImageIOFactory.cxx
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/test/CMakeLists.txt
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/test/otbGenerateClassicalQLWithJPEG2000.cxx
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/test/otbIOJPEG2000TestDriver.cxx
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/test/otbJPEG2000ImageIOTestCanRead.cxx
D       Modules/IO/IOJPEG2000/test/otbJPEG2000ImageIOTestCanWrite.cxx
D       Modules/ThirdParty/OpenJPEG/CMakeLists.txt
D       Modules/ThirdParty/OpenJPEG/otb-module-init.cmake
D       Modules/ThirdParty/OpenJPEG/otb-module.cmake
D       Modules/ThirdParty/OpenJPEG/src/

Modules IOJPEG2000 and OpenJPEG have been removed.

M       Modules/IO/ImageIO/include/otbImageFileReader.txx
M       Modules/IO/ImageIO/otb-module.cmake
M       Modules/IO/ImageIO/src/CMakeLists.txt
M       Modules/IO/ImageIO/src/otbImageIOFactory.cxx

The module ImageIO doesn't use the optional dependency to IOJPEG2000 anymore.

M       SuperBuild/CMake/External_otb.cmake

The option OTB_USE_OPENJPEG is now obsolete.



M       Modules/Core/ImageBase/test/CMakeLists.txt

There was a test quite specific to Jpeg2000ImageIO


M       Documentation/SoftwareGuide/Latex/Installation.tex

Update in the installation manual.

Additional notes