Request for Changes-73: Compatibility with muparserx 4.0.7 (last stable release)

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Request for Changes-73: Compatibility with muparserx 4.0.7 (last stable release)


  • Author: Manuel
  • Additional Contributors (if different than authors)
  • Submitted on 21.11.16
  • Proposed target release : 5.10
  • Proposed
  • [1]


This RFC aims at updating OTB to be compatible with muparserx last stable release (4.0.7).


There is an issue related to this in Mantis:

What I've done is to make muparserx OTB module compatible with OTB by putting c++11 CXXFLAGS as mandatory for the OTBMuParserX module (as suggested by Guillaume in the mantis thread).

It allows also to remove mpCompat.h file which was there to be able to compile muparserx 3.x without c++11 (the tweak does not work anymore with muparserx 4.x)

Implementation details

Classes and files


Remove reference to mpCompat.h and put C++11 as mandatory like Shark module.

In Superbuild:

  • Update URL and MD5 sum to 4.0.7
  • 1 patch included in Superbuild and related to OTB mantis bug 1048 was submitted and merge upstream to muparserx:
  • Patches:
    • CMakeLists.txt: we've got a fork of the muparserx CMakeLists in OTB, I would rather prefer to contribute changes upstream. I did not change it for (would like to discuss it with Rashad)
    • mpParserMessageProvider.cpp: our patch has been submitted and merged upstream:

We can remove this patch in the next muparserx release.




Update in the installation manual to refer to the new supported version of muparserx.

Additional notes