Request for Changes-75: Monteverdi/App November code sprint

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Request for Changes-75: Monteverdi/App November code sprint


  • Author: Manuel
  • Additional Contributors: Victor
  • Submitted on 29.11.16
  • Proposed target release : 5.10
  • Adopted, merged.
  • [1]


This RFC aims to integrate "small and easy" improvements in OTB/OTB app and Monteverdi related to users feedback and taken from the OTB wishlist:



List of wishlist items integrated:

  • Improve "Mean Shift Smoothing (step1): [3]
  • Button for restore default value for gamma and alpha value
  • Improve parameter description and documentation in OTB GUI (add short key as tooltip, improve documentation in the doc tab)
  • Fix in BandMath documentation
  • Button to reset all shaders to normal.
  • Handle missing file extensions in otbgui (currently a cryptic error message) : the application will try ".tif" extension if the output filename doesn't have one and if OTB is unable to write current output filename.
  • Show total processing time on completion in otbgui (otbcli has the 'time' command of course). Note that the execution time is measured by the otb::Wrapper::Application class, so this time can be retrieved on any launcher.
  • otbgui: add visual confirmation that processing has been completed (if it's very fast for example). At the end of a successful processing, there is a status 'Done' displayed for about 1 second.

Other small improvements made in GUI applications:

  • The small progress bar at the bottom doesn't pop in/out when executing the application

Implementation details

Classes and files




Additional notes