Request for Changes-93: Update third party versions in Superbuild for 6.2

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Request for Changes-93: Update third party versions in Superbuild for 6.2



The versions of the libraries in the SuperBuild will be updated. For now GDAL and ITK but we can add more here (let me know)

QtSqlite plugin is no longer used in Monteverdi. This module has been deleted recently. So Qt build don't need sqlite plugin and can be removed now

BTW, the sqlite library as a dependency is kept and used for projects other than Qt ( GDAL )

Update cmake minimum version to 3.3.0 to facilitate building shared libs on windows.


See Request for Comments-15: Update Superbuild third parties

Implementation details

Classes and files

The following versions will be updated :

  • GDAL to 2.2.0
  • ITK to 4.12.0
  • libgeotiff to 1.4.2
  • libtiff to 4.0.8
  • geos to 3.6.1
  • proj to 4.9.3
other changes
  • libtiff uses cmake build on all platforms
  • libcurl uses cmake build on all platforms
  • proj4 uses cmake build on all platforms
  • Except OTB, all project save their configure, build and install logs in seperate files rather than standard output. This is useful in debugging. Users can now upload these logs in bug report when build fails
  • removed SuperBuild/CMake/External_mvd.cmake
  • CMake configure reports DOWNLOAD_LOCATION
  • DOWNLOAD_LOCATION can be set using environment variables like OTB_DATA_ROOT
  • removed sqlite plugin build from Qt
  • OPENGL, GLEW, GLFW, GLUT, QWT and SHARK are enabled by default on SuperBuild




Additional notes

  • qwt upgrade from rfc-98-qwt must be included before merging this branch
  • This branch is now merged with update_pkg branch. dashboard testing (superbuild + packaging) are using update_pkg branch
  • SuperBuild/patches/{TIFF,CURL} must be pushed to upstream