Request for Comments-23: Improve support of overviews in Monteverdi

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[Request for Comments - 23] Improve support of overviews in Monteverdi


  • Author: Mickaël Savinaud
  • Submitted on 26.01.2016
  • Open for comments


What changes will be made and why they would make a better Orfeo ToolBox?

The purpose of this RFC is to present and discuss improvement about the support of overviews in Monteverdi.

The desired features are to allow the generation of overviews in Monteverdi and to manage how to generate the overviews. In term of user experience, I proposed to avoid the use of pop-up during import of the image because we should avoid to have too much menu before visualize a list of images or subdataset. Moreover in case of SAR data I am not sure that we can do correct interpolation of CType. This is why I propose to add a contextual menu on the selected layer with a Generate Overview choice. This choice could generate the overview with default parameters (minimal size of overviews 256, 2^n level factor, nn resampling, tiff format with JPEG compression). The default parameters could be set in Preferences Menu. In a other hand, this choice could open a menu in which we need to set the parameters of the generation for the layer.

In any case, we should avoid to replace the overview of the user. Therefore the generate view menu is blocked when we detect overviews.

When will those changes be available (target release or date)?


Who will be developing the proposed changes?




Currently, none


Currently, none

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