Request for Comments-25: small user interface improvement

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[Request for Comments - 25] Small user interface improvement


  • Author: Mickaël Savinaud
  • Submitted on 27.01.2016
  • Open for comments


What changes will be made and why they would make a better Orfeo ToolBox?

After using Monteverdi, I think we can improve the user experience with small things. Please find the list below:

  • Layers
    • Replace the mouse cursor icon when in swipe mode (or horizontal arrow when swiping vertically and a vertical arrow when swiping horizontally)
    • Indicate X and Y values in lat/long (in italic to indicate that the position is estimated) for sensor layer
    • Use the ENTRY key to select a layer in the layer view.
    • Use the SHIFT+ENTRY key to hide/show a layer
    • Add a right click menu in layer view to remove, up and down or move to upper and bottom the selected layer
    • Add a button remove all layers but not the selected
  • Shaders
    • Add a button reset all shaders to normal one
    • Rename the render toolbar to zoom bar
    • Use the ESC button as shortcut to go back to normal shader when we use a other shader
  • Gamma
    • Add a button for restore default value for gamma and alpha value
    • Add a tool-tip for alpha as for gamma
  • Misc
    • Add the possibility to hide the projection toolbar

When will those changes be available (target release or date)?


Who will be developing the proposed changes?




Currently, none


Currently, none

Corresponding Requests for Changes

Currently, none