Request for changes-111: SuperBuild dependencies additions for GDAL

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[Request for Changes - 111] SuperBuild dependencies additions for GDAL



This RFC improves the list of GDAL drivers in SuperBuild, in particular with HDF support.


Some image formats were not supported in GDAL built from SuperBuild, which is then packaged and released.

Implementation details


M       SuperBuild/CMake/External_gdal.cmake
A       SuperBuild/CMake/External_hdf4.cmake
A       SuperBuild/CMake/External_hdf5.cmake
M       SuperBuild/CMake/External_jpeg.cmake
A       SuperBuild/CMake/External_netcdf.cmake
M       SuperBuild/CMake/External_openjpeg.cmake
M       SuperBuild/CMakeLists.txt
A       SuperBuild/patches/GDAL/gdal-4-fixhdf5-win.diff
A       SuperBuild/patches/GDAL/gdal-5-fixOpenJPEG22_rev39821-all.diff
M       SuperBuild/patches/GDAL/gdal-fix-rpath-for-macx.diff
M       SuperBuild/patches/GDAL/
A       SuperBuild/patches/HDF4/hdf4-1-alternative-all.diff
D       SuperBuild/patches/OPENJPEG/openjpeg-1-pr786-all.diff
M       SuperBuild/patches/OPENJPEG/openjpeg-2-fixes-macx.diff

In a nutshell:

  • Added support of HDF4
  • Added support of HDF5
  • Added support of NetCDF (built with HDF 4 & 5 support)
  • Enable hdf4, hdf5 and netcdf drivers in GDAL
  • Upgrade OpenJPEG to 2.2 (lots of performance improvements)



Additional notes