Request for changes-118: Enable use of ossimSarSensorModel through geom file

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ossimSarSensorModel is the base class for sar sensor modelling and can work as is. Subclasses such as ossimSentinel1Model only take care of reading metadata in the original product. Yet it is for now imposible to use an image with a geom file for ossimSarSensorModel in Orfeo ToolBox. This pull request enables this: the following geom files is supported.

support_data.geom.gcp[9].world_pt.hgt:  568.019236061539
support_data.geom.gcp[9]  48.5353568628086
support_data.geom.gcp[9].world_pt.lon:  10.1709212362054
support_data.line_time_interval:  0.000534571688138499
support_data.product_type:  1
support_data.radar_frequency:  5405000454.33435
support_data.range_sampling_rate:  100092592.64
support_data.range_spacing:  1.497576
support_data.slant_range_to_first_pixel:  0.00494651146109089
type:  ossimSarSensorModel


Supporting geom files for ossimSarSensorModel would allow users that use sensor not already supported in ossimPlugins to generate their own geom file and get a working sensor model in Orfeo ToolBox anyway.

Implementation details

Classes and files

The following files are impacted:

  • ossimSarSensorModel.h : add override where needed, add RTTI info
  • ossimSarSensorModel.cpp : Add RTTI info, fix saveState() method and add a bunch of add*() helper methods
  • ossimSentinel1Model.h : add override where needed
  • ossimSentinel1Model.cpp : leave burst rewrite to superclass method
  • ossimSarSensorModelPathsAndKeys.h and ossimSarSensorModelPathsAndKeys.cpp : add keywords for orbit records
  • ossimPluginProjectionFactory.cpp : add ossimSarSensorModel to the factory


No applications impacted.


No tests impacted.


No documentation impacted.

Additional notes

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