Requests for Comments-3: OpenJPEG : remove internal version

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  • Submitted by Guillaume Pasero (25/03/2015 10:06)
  • Accepted by PSC +3 / 0 (08/04/2015 16:22)
  • Merged in OTB 4.5.0


What changes will be made and why they will make a better Orfeo ToolBox

OpenJPEG is used in OTB to read jpeg2000 images. It is integrated in a specific otb::ImageIO. Originally, a non official release of OpenJPEG has been used and is compiled inside OTB. These sources are planned to be removed from OTB. Instead, an external OpenJPEG (last official release) will be used, using a 2.0 API. The following actions are foreseen:

  • remove OpenJPEG sources from 'Modules/ThirdParty/OpenJPEG', use a find_package() instead
  • refactor otb::JPEG2000ImageIO to support the new API of OpenJPEG

Note : the driver otb::JPEG2000ImageIO is used when GDAL doesn't have a compatible JPEG2000 driver. If GDAL is built with a compatible JPEG2000 driver (OpenJPEG, Kakadu, ...), OTB will read J2K images using the otb::GDALImageIO driver.

When will those changes be available (target release or date)

These changes will be available for next release (OTB 5.0)

Who will be developing the proposed changes

An OTB developer (CS team) familiar with this issue. Mickael Savinaud has done some work on the refactoring. There is an associated task on Jira (OTB-778).