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Author: Rashad Kanavath <rashad.kanavath@c-s.fr>

Copyright: CS-SI


OSSIM (Open Source Software Image Map) is must requirement for OTB. This high quality library is used in OTB for Sensor modelling and for projection. As of OTB 5.0.0 release, there is a lot of sensor models (Radar and Optical) kept under ThirdParty/OssimPlugins. They are synced with ossim_plugins repository at times. All the sensor model code could actually be moved to ossim-core rather than ossim_plugins repository. ossim_plugins usually contains some external dependency such as gdal, kakadu. But this is not the case with the code in OTB/Modules/ThirdParty/OssimPlugins. All the code is licensed under LGPL-2 and should rest in ossim

Purpose and description

This RFC propse a refractoring of sar sensor models in ossimplugins. current base model for SAR is ossimGeometricSarSensorModel. This could be changed to use existing ossimSarModel. Consequently reading of orbit vector (platform position, sensor params etc.) needs to be cleaned up and moved to ossim-core along with this. This will pave the way for a good support of sar sensors in OTB and ossim. The other optical sensor models could also follow this change if possible.


  • clean contribution to ossim sensor model.
  • move away ossimplugins from OTB. only needed will be ossim-core.
  • OpenThreads will also no longer be a dependency part of OTB. (happy accident!)


  • None.

Target release

  • undecided

Who will be developing the proposed changes

Rashad Kanavath (CS-SI)

Git Branch: ossimplugins



  • None