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You can get the current development version, as our repository is public, using Mercurial (available at Be aware that, even if the golden rule is what is commited will compile, this is not always the case. Changes are usually more than ten per day.

The first time, you can get the source code using:

     hg clone

Then you can build OTB as usual using this directory as the source (refer to build instructions).

Later if you want to update your source, from the OTB source directory, just do:

     hg pull -u

A simple make in your OTB binary directory will be enough to update the library (recompiling only the necessary stuff).

There are also some additional projects available:

  • OTB-Applications: several standalone applications
     hg clone
  • OTB-Wrapping: project to build bindings to access OTB from python and java
     hg clone
  • Monteverdi: integrated application to process remote sensing images
     hg clone