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Here is a list of links that will help you in your OTB-Developpement.


  • Orfeo ToolBox web site [1]
  • The OTB blog [2]
  • The wiki [3]
  • Mailing list


  • The doxygen that gathers the library documentation [6]
  • Documentation
    • The Software Guide to have a quiet complete description of the functionality of the OTB
    • The Cookbook that will show you how to use our applications and Monteverdi
  • Available packages (sources and exe)
    • of the last release [11]
    • of the current sources [12]
  • Bug tracker [13]


  • Classes documentation:
    • of the last release doxygen [14]
    • of the current doxygen [15]
  • HG sources [16]
  • Dashboard, where every nighlty tests results are gathered [21]
    • OTB []
    • Monteverdi [22]
    • OTB-Wrapping [23]
  • Coverage. Coverage computation are launched every days. The result can be see in the section "Coverage" of the Dashboard (at the end of the project page).

If you click on the percentage you will see a new page that shows the coverage percentage of each file of the project (see as example [24]).

  • Style. Each night, KWStyle checks our source code style and format according to some specified rules displays the result here [25].

The rules are the following one:

    • LEN: Line Length = 120 max chars
    • IVR: ivars should match regular expression: m_[A-Z]
    • IVA ivars should be aligned with previous ivars
    • SEM: Semicolons = 0 max spaces
    • DCL: Declaration order should match Public/Protected/Private
    • EOF: The file should have only one new line
    • TAB: The file should not have any tabs
    • ESP: Spaces at the end of line = 3 max spaces
    • HRD: The header should respect the template
    • DEF: #ifndef/#define should match __[NameOfClass]_[Extension]
    • TDR: Typedefs should match regular expression: [A-Z]
    • TDA: Typedefs should be aligned
    • NMC: The name of the class should match otb[NameOfClass]
    • WCM: The comments are misspelled
    • MCM: The class should have previously define comments starting with \class (allowing empty line)
    • EML: Empty lines = 2 max lines
    • TPL: Template should match the regex: [TNV]
    • OPS: Number of spaces for the operators shoud be: before=1, after=1