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  • Display vector images
  • Display radar images
  • Clarify the numbering of bands. Zero or one based? Currently the band selector drop down menu shows entries like: "1: Band 0".

(note: I think it should be all 1-based to follow QGIS and GDAL convention: http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/219886/is-it-convention-to-index-a-raster-band-from-1?atw=1)

  • Read Band names and band wavelength
  • Spectral Plot (DN by bands and/or wavelength)
  • Allow to select the interpolation modes (nearest, bicubic, etc.). Most wanted from users is OpenGL bi-cubic texture filtering (currently, only bi-linear) when zooming more than 1:1
  • Load/Save XML file storing the layer-stack content and some additional visualization settings (possiblity complying with QGIS file format for interoperability)
  • Add a (rectangular) Region Of Interest selection tool
  • Display preview of OTB-applications result(s)
  • Add an angle/distance/surface measure tool
  • Support Ice viewport rotation feature
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Add a button remove all layers but not the selected
  • Add a button reset all shaders to normal one
  • Add the capability to compute the histogram at full resolution
  • Support the aux.file of GDAL to store Histogram and Min/Max value to avoid recompute it each time or store GCP to allow open the data into QGIS correctly
  • Support image with palette
  • Add a widget with statistic of the image (Mean, Variance, Sum, Nb of ValidPixel, ...)
  • Histrogram enhancements:
    • Optionally display the computed RGB histogram
    • Option to compute color dynamics based on current view, not entire image, and auto update on zoom and pan
    • Ice should do the histogram computation instead of Monterdi (GDAL can also do it)
    • Exported the exact histogram to a file



  • Let all otbcli applicatons select bands to be processed among those present in the input image.
  • In an otbgui applications, write the equivalent bash command (with otbcli) in the log.
  • Add a stop button to stop a running otbgui without killing the process
  • Handle missing file extensions in otbgui (currently a cryptic error message)
  • Show total processing time on completion in otbgui (otbcli has the 'time' command of course)
  • Improve otbgui look and feel (big white spaces, default window size, alignment, parameters ordering, etc.)
  • otbgui: add visual confirmation that processing has been completed (if it's very fast for example)
  • Add a "same as input" output type
  • Internationalization of otb applications (challenge: without making otbcli depend on qt)
  • Fix InputImageListParameter to support other pixel types than Float (via FloatVectorImageList)
  • Add Local Contrast Filter + Application (requested on otb-users) : http://imagej.net/Enhance_Local_Contrast_%28CLAHE%29
  • Modify no-data metadata using extended filenames (for the Reader and Writer)
  • Interpolator: handle edge with no data values https://bugs.orfeo-toolbox.org/view.php?id=1363
  • Application framework: Add Parametertype_ComplexInputImageList

Existing applications

New applications

  • Apply a polynomial correction
  • Segmentation: all 4 LSMS segmentation steps in one application
  • Expose OSSIM bundle block adjustment
  • DomainTransform : Fourrier and Wavelets, forward and inverse
  • Morphological profiles and profiles classification
  • The part of the object detection framework that can know be plugged in the new classification framework
  • DSM shading and other stuff like this
  • Proper denoising (the smoothing applications is quite poor and there are other filters in ITK)
  • Sharpening (there are filters in ITK)
  • Local Contrast Enhancement and Tone Mapping (we need to write algorithms for this one)
  • HDR compression
  • Haze correction
  • Histogram application, lots of parameters (see numpy.histogram for inspiration) and which output format?


  • Cookbook: Write MPI and parallel processing

Python API


  • Add topographic correction of reflectance. OTB filters can already take into account environnement effects but not topo effects. It was requested on Mantis (https://bugs.orfeo-toolbox.org/view.php?id=1146)
  • Re-write a decent 'compare-ogr' method for the test driver

Third parties