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In order to make the revisions history easier to understand, commit messages must be prefixed by one of the followings:

  • ENH: When adding or improving an existing or new class in term of capabilities,
  • COMP: When fixing a compilation error or warning,
  • TRANS: When adding or improving translation files,
  • DOC: When starting or improving the class documentation,
  • STYLE: When enhancing the comments or coding style without any effect on the class behaviour,
  • BUG: When fixing a bug (if the bug is identified in OTB Bug Tracker, please add the reference)
  • INST: When fixing issues related to installation
  • MRG: When commiting the result of a mercurial merge between two heads or branches, use rebase instead
  • TEST: When adding or modifying a test.
  • REFAC: When refactoring without adding new capabilities.
  • WRG: When correcting a warning.
  • ITK: Update of the internal ITK to a new version
  • OSSIM: Update of the insternal ossim or ossim plugins to a new version

For instance, to commit a change in class MyClass where the method MyMethod has been added, please do:

hg commit -m "ENH: Added the MyMethod method to the class MyClass"

Please keep in mind that one must never commit together changes that has nothing to do with each other. Please do multiple commits with multiple commit messages instead.