How to Release 3.14.1

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Release Candidate preparation

No release candidate for this minor version


  • Update version numbers in CMakeLists.txt
  • Update version numbers in doxygen
  • Update version numbers in software guide
  • Update release notes
    • Walk the mercurial history and log all improvements
    • Generate mantis report
      • Use Advanced Filters
      • Select all projects in the combobox : Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
      • Set "Use Date" and "Resolution" filters
      • Export in cvs format
      • Use from OTB-DevUtils/Scripts
      • Copy/paste the result in the release notesMANU
  • Prepare annoucement email MANU
  • Prepare annoucement on the blog


  • Last minute fixes, but avoid if possible
  • Before nightly deadline, tag for RC
    • tag OTB
    • tag Monteverdi
    • tag OTB-Wrapping
  • Make TGZ source packages
  • Make ZIP source packages
  • Ensure you named the zipped files with the same convention as the previous release
  • Test the source packages
  • Upload the packages on


  • Last dashboard check to confirm the release candidate
  • On failure :
    • Remove the source packages from the http server
    • Backout tags
    • Go back J-1
  • Copy from :
    • Monteverdi Windows installer
    • Monteverdi Mac installer
    • SoftwareGuide PDF
    • Cookbook PDF
    • Cookbook HTML
  • Generate SoftwareGuide HTML version (still needs user interaction...)
  • Upload the SoftwareGuide HTML version
  • Send RC announcement email (and blog post if there is one) MANU

Final release preparation


  • Find a release code name No codename for minor release
  • Prepare annoucement email MANU draft on wordpress done
  • Prepare annoucement on the blog MANU draft on wordpress done
  • Launch doxygen generation (will finish on J)
  • Launch javadoc generation


  • No last minutes fix allowed
  • Test the nightly generated binary packages
  • Update date in RELEASE_NOTES.txt
  • Before nightly deadline, tag for RC
    • tag OTB
    • tag Monteverdi
    • tag OTB-Applications
    • tag OTB-Wrapping
    • tag OTB-Data
    • tag OTB-Documents
    • tag OTB-DevUtils
  • Prepare TGZ source packages
  • Prepare ZIP source packages
  • Ensure you named the zipped files with the same convention as the previous release
  • Upload source packages on otb2 packages dir
  • Update status on freshcode MANU
  • Do some cleanup in the packages dir on orfeo-toolbox if relevant (keep new release and N-1 release, put release candidate packages in 'archives')


  • Test the generated binary packages in
  • Upload binary packages
    • Monteverdi-windows MANU
    • Monteverdi-MacOS
  • Upload Software pdf Guide on orfeo-toolbox
  • Upload Cookbook pdf on orfeo-toolbox
  • Upload FAQ pdf on orfeo-toolbox
  • Update FAQ symlink (FAQ.html -> SoftwareGuide-$version/thefaqpage.html)
  • Sourceforge (see :
    • tsocks ssh -t julienmalik, create
    • then you can ssh/scp/etc to this shell
    • type sf-help to know where the files dir are located
    • Upload the source packages on sourceforge (OTB, monteverdi, OTB-Applications, OTB-Wrapping)
    • Upload Software pdf Guide on sourceforge
    • Upload Cookbook pdf on sourceforge
    • Upload FAQ pdf on sourceforge
  • Update OSGeo4W packages
  • Generate Ubuntu source packages and upload to launchpad
  • Generate rpm packages
  • Update doxygen on orfeo-toolbox
  • Update javadoc on orfeo-toolbox
  • Update Software Guide online on orfeo-toolbox
  • Update Cookbook online on orfeo-toolbox NOT UPDTATED FOR NOW, opticalCalibration application does not include support of Pleiades for example :
  • Update FAQ html link on orfeo-toolbox (link to online Software Guide - FAQ section) MANU
  • Update OTB-Data-Examples.tgz on orfeo-toolbox (packages)
  • Send email to mailing list to announce the release MANU
  • Release announcement on the blog MANU


  • Update version number to a development version (even minor number) -> We go back to 3.15 version MANU


  • Update osgeo-live GIS installation script with new OTB versions (switch perhaps from orfeotoolbox-nightly to orfeotoolbox-ubuntugis-stable) MANU
  • Update doc for ubuntu package installation : speak only about ubuntugis ppa. forget about otb-stable (unusable packages there) Online SG updated - Could be nice to add a post on the blog