How to Release OTB 5.10.1

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Minor Release 5.10.1

  1. Version number update in source code (branch release-5.10) (Guillaume)
  2. SuperBuild archive update (needed because of GDAL) (done for 5.10.1, TODO: develop when release branch merged )
  3. Update release notes with mantis bug report and improvements. (Guillaume)
  4. Update release notes (walk the git history and log all improvements) for OTB, Monteverdi and Ice. (Guillaume)
  5. Update the date in RELEASE_NOTES.txt (Guillaume)
  6. Sanity check the binary packages (Guillaume and Ludovic)
  7. Tag the release branches (Guillaume)
  8. Merge the release into master (Guillaume)
  9. Prepare and upload source packages (Guillaume)
  10. Promote nightly packages (Guillaume)
  11. Update documentation (no significant change)
  12. Upload OTB source archive to Zenodo to create a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) (Guillaume)
  13. Update the website "Home" and "Download" pages with version numbers and links. (Guillaume)
  14. Update OTB-Data-Examples.tgz on orfeo-toolbox (packages) (no change)
  15. Send email to mailing list to announce the release (Guillaume)
  16. Release announcement on the blog (Guillaume)
  17. Announcement on social networks (twitter, google+)
  18. Forward announcement to (OSGeo news)
  19. Plan the next release (nominate new release manager, setup PSC meeting on IRC)
  20. Contact QGis processing plugin maintainer to update XML description for new OTB-Applications (or supply it)
  21. Remove public branches related to RFC or bugfix merged before the release