How to Release OTB 6.0

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[Major Release] OTB 6.0

  1. Create the new release branch (Rémi)
  2. Send an email to otb-developers to announce the beginning of the release process. (Rémi/Victor)
  3. Run Debian spelling checker (Rémi/Victor)
  4. Update translation for Monteverdi & Mapla (Victor/Rémi)
  5. Update version numbers (in develop) to a development version. (Rémi/Victor)
  6. Update version numbers (in release-X.Y) in CMakeLists.txt for OTB (and optionally Monteverdi). (Rémi/Victor)
  7. Update FAQ, Cookbook and Software Guide (download, installation and compilation sections, contributor list) in both develop and release branch. (Victor/Rémi)
  8. Update dashboard scripts to support new version numbers (Rémi/Victor)
  9. Update release notes with mantis bug report and improvements for OTB, Monteverdi and Ice (walk the git history, RFCs & co.) (Ludovic)
  10. Update the SuperBuild archive (Rémi/Victor)
  11. Add new remote modules candidates that can be added to Modules/Remote (should be previously discussed on otb mailing lists)
  12. Update GIT_TAG for all official remote modules (Rémi/Victor)
  13. Sanity check the binary packages (Victor/Rémi (ok for me) + Rémi/Victor (ok) )
  14. Update the date in RELEASE_NOTES.txt (Rémi/Victor)
  15. Tag the release branches (Rémi/Victor)
  16. Merge the release into master (Rémi/Victor)
  17. Prepare and upload source packages (Rémi/Victor)
  18. Promote nightly packages (Rémi/Victor)
  19. Update documentation (Rémi/Victor)
  20. Upload OTB source archive to Zenodo to create a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) (Rémi/Victor)
  21. Update the website "Home" and "Download" pages with version numbers and links. (Victor/Rémi)
  22. Update OTB-Data-Examples.tgz on orfeo-toolbox (packages) (Rémi/Victor)
  23. Send email to mailing list to announce the release (including updated checkout commands) (Victor/Rémi)
  24. Release announcement on the blog (Victor/Rémi: draft is ready on wordpress)
  25. Announcement on social networks (twitter, google+) (Victor/Rémi)
  26. Forward announcement to (OSGeo news) (Victor/Rémi)
  27. Plan the next release (nominate new release manager, setup PSC meeting on IRC)
  28. Contact QGis processing plugin maintainer to update XML description for new OTB-Applications (or supply it)
  29. Remove public branches related to RFC or bugfix merged before the release