How to release (old)

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  • J-3
  1. Update version numbers in CMakeLists.txt
  2. Update version numbers in doxygen
  3. Update version numbers in software guide
  4. Update release notes
  5. Update list of contributors if necessary
  6. Prepare announcement email
  7. Prepare annoucement on blog
  • J-2 (minor corrections still possible but should be avoided, J-2 on Wednesday)
  1. Packages preparation based on the version that will be tested by the nightly dashboard
    1. Tag the following projects : OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Applications, OTB-Wrapping, OTB-Data, OTB-Documents, OTB-DevUtils
    2. OTB, OTB-Applications, Monteverdi, OTB-Wrapping source packages : TGZ and ZIP
    3. Windows binaries : Monteverdi, OTB-Applications, OTB-Wrapping (build in MinSizeRealease)
    4. Ubuntu and RPM packages : OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Applications, OTB-Wrapping
  2. Software guide and cookbook generation
  3. Launch doxygen generation (will finish on J)
  4. Launch javadoc generation
  5. Test the packages (binary AND sources)
  • J-1 (no last minute correction or abort release and go back J-2)
  1. Last dashboard check to confirm the release
  2. Update date in RELEASE_NOTES.txt
  3. Retag OTB project with updated release notes
  4. Regenerate OTB source packages with updated release notes
  5. Upload the packages on orfeo-toolbox
  6. Do some cleanup in the packages dir on orfeo-toolbox if relevant (keep new release and N-1 release, put release candidate packages in 'archives')
  7. Upload Software Guide on orfeo-toolbox
  8. Upload Cookbook on orfeo-toolbox
  9. Upload the packages on sourceforge
  10. Upload Software Guide on sourceforge
  11. Upload Cookbook on sourceforge
  12. Update status on freecode
  • J
  1. Update direct link on orfeo-toolbox
  2. Update direct link on sourceforge
  3. Update doxygen on orfeo-toolbox
  4. Update javadoc on orfe-toolbox
  5. Update Software Guide online on orfeo-toolbox
  6. Update Cookbook online on orfeo-toolbox
  7. Update FAQ html on orfeo-toolbox
  8. Check that the link to the FAQ on the website (check the link to the online software guide)
  9. Update FAQ pdf on orfeo-toolbox (packages)
  10. Update OTB-Data-Examples.tgz on orfeo-toolbox (packages)
  11. Send email to mailing list to announce the release
  12. Release announcement on the blog
  • J+1
  1. Update version number to a development version (even minor number)
  • J+N
  1. Update osgeo-live GIS installation script with new OTB versions