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[15:15] == grizonnetm [c2c7ac21@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #otb [15:15] == VictorPoughon [c2c7ac23@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #otb [15:16] <cresson> I am updating the wiki page :) [15:17] <VictorPoughon> Julien will be there in 5 min [15:21] == guillaume_ [c3dc5c0f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #otb [15:21] <guillaume_> hello, [15:21] <guillaume_> finally found a connection [15:22] <cresson> I propose the following agenda: [15:22] <cresson> * Feedback from release 6.0 [15:22] <cresson> * Choose new Release Manager [15:22] <cresson> * release 6.1 roadmap [15:22] <cresson> * OTB integration in QGIS [15:22] <cresson> you guys can complete of course [15:23] == julien [c2c7ac21@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #otb [15:23] <julien> hi all [15:23] <julien> sorry I am late [15:23] == julien has changed nick to Guest9586 [15:23] <guillaume_> ok for this agenda [15:23] <guillaume_> hi [15:24] <VictorPoughon> Let's review the agenda for this meeting: [15:24] == Guest9586 has changed nick to jmichel_otb [15:24] <VictorPoughon> 1. Feedback from 6.0 release [15:24] <VictorPoughon> 2. Next Release manager [15:24] <VictorPoughon> anything else? [15:24] <jmichel_otb> 3. Osgeo incubation [15:24] <jmichel_otb> 4. OTB in Qgis ? [15:24] <cresson> yes [15:24] <VictorPoughon> I propose to postponed QGIS talks to the User Days [15:25] <VictorPoughon> there will be a PSC meeting there no? [15:25] <jmichel_otb> yes [15:25] <jmichel_otb> ok [15:26] <guillaume_> ok [15:26] <VictorPoughon> ok let's start then? [15:26] <grizonnetm> ready [15:26] <jmichel_otb> go [15:26] <VictorPoughon> 1. Feedback from 6.0 release [15:26] <cresson> ok [15:26] <cresson> so [15:28] <guillaume_> well, I think Rémi did a good job with the release [15:28] <cresson> I just followed the steps on the wiki, it's simple enough [15:29] <cresson> There is still operations that need server acces [15:29] <jmichel_otb> ok [15:29] <grizonnetm> perhaps we should indicate this in the how to release [15:29] <cresson> and other thigs like packaging which I'm not familiar but the tema is helping well [15:29] <jmichel_otb> some of us were not available [15:29] <cresson> *team [15:30] <cresson> but [15:30] <grizonnetm> don't hesitate Remi to update the procedure in the wiki if something is not clear [15:30] <cresson> I did not clearly understood the benefit of the release candidate for 6.0 [15:31] <VictorPoughon> Yes, the "template" for the procedure is supposed to be here:, but sometimes is updated on the specific releases page, not on this template [15:31] <cresson> After the -rc1 tag, I don't think the release was tested [15:32] <cresson> or maybe just a few of us [15:33] <cresson> this might need some doc in the wiki, but apart from this steps are really well documented [15:33] <VictorPoughon> i agree, rc doesn't seem important given the current state of our testing habits [15:34] <VictorPoughon> we can always test nightly builds of the realease branch, I mean [15:34] <jmichel_otb> how much time between 6.0 branch and final release ? [15:35] <cresson> I would say something like 2 weeks [15:36] <cresson> or more. wes really in a hurry [15:36] <VictorPoughon> final release: 2017-05-10, release-6.0 branch first commit looks to be 0c76167cf5bf51614 no? so 2017-04-25 [15:37] <cresson> that's it. [15:37] <jmichel_otb> so 15 days [15:37] <jmichel_otb> not bad  ! [15:37] <cresson> not bad eh [15:38] <VictorPoughon> hmm maybe not hang on [15:39] <cresson> Other thing: frustrating to not update otb descriptors in qgis (for new apps) [15:39] <cresson> tried to use python scripts, but I did not fond how to generate .xml [15:40] <guillaume_> Is it really an automatic step ? [15:40] <guillaume_> I thought there was some handmade decision in the generation of QGis xml [15:41] <cresson> there is something to generate descriptors, but not in the .xml format which is used for otb in the processing plugin [15:42] <cresson> (at least I didn't find one). [15:42] <guillaume_> ok, so an other thing to discuss during "OTB in QGIs" point [15:42] <cresson> yes [15:42] <VictorPoughon> I added this step to the release process a few months ago, but never managed to generate them myself. [15:43] <VictorPoughon> yes guillaume_ [15:43] <cresson> We can discuss it later if you want. Next item? [15:44] <VictorPoughon> 2. Next Release manager [15:44] <jmichel_otb> I can do it if you want [15:44] <grizonnetm> i tried to update the doc of qgis descriptors generation during last osgeo code sprint in Bonn [15:44] <VictorPoughon> ok [15:45] <grizonnetm> But it is indeed not sufficient [15:45] <jmichel_otb> for the moment 6.2 is going to be pretty thin [15:45] <grizonnetm> and there are still manual steps... [15:45] <grizonnetm> to be discuss during user days [15:45] <guillaume_> +1 for Julien as RM [15:45] <jmichel_otb> 6.2 fork should happen on july, 25th ? [15:45] <jmichel_otb> will be in texas by then [15:45] <VictorPoughon> less features means less bugs to fix ;) [15:46] <cresson> +1 [15:46] <jmichel_otb> followed by 4 weeks off on vacantions [15:46] <cresson> for julien [15:46] <jmichel_otb> but anyway who is going to use 6.2 in the middle of august ? [15:46] <guillaume_> ok so if Julien is the RM, the backup will likely do the actual release [15:46] <grizonnetm> interns... [15:46] <jmichel_otb> good [15:46] <VictorPoughon> I can stay backup RM [15:47] <jmichel_otb> I like getting credits and doing nothing ;) [15:47] <guillaume_> I'll be there most of July and August [15:47] <jmichel_otb> maybe I can be the 6.4 rm [15:47] <VictorPoughon> ok [15:48] <jmichel_otb> Also, we need more hands in this psc [15:48] <VictorPoughon> so me as RM and guillaume_ backup ? [15:48] <guillaume_> fine for me [15:48] <grizonnetm> good [15:48] <cresson> ok [15:49] <VictorPoughon> ok next topic [15:49] <VictorPoughon> 3. Osgeo incubation [15:49] <VictorPoughon> grizonnetm: any updates? [15:49] <grizonnetm> [15:50] <grizonnetm> things seem to move in the right direction [15:50] <VictorPoughon> is there a good chance it will complete this release cycle? any difficult points remaining? [15:50] <jmichel_otb> grizonnetm, things were always moving in the right direction, it is more a matter of speed ... [15:51] <jmichel_otb> what is missing on our side ? [15:51] <grizonnetm> the format of the checklist have evolved since the start of the otb incubation procedure [15:52] <grizonnetm> our mentor and Jody seem motivated to complete the incubation soon [15:52] <grizonnetm> nothing to do for now IMHO [15:52] <jmichel_otb> ok [15:52] <grizonnetm> would be godd perhaps is PSC members can register to the osgeo incubation committee mailing list [15:53] <jmichel_otb> but maybe if we really want this we need someone to ping osgeo every few weeks [15:53] <jmichel_otb> grizonnetm: +1 [15:53] <grizonnetm> I hope that our mentor will ask the committee to vote for otb graduation in the next week [15:53] <jmichel_otb> ok [15:53] <jmichel_otb> went to [15:53] <jmichel_otb> 404 for now ;) [15:54] <grizonnetm> FYI I regularly inform our mentor (Landon) of the status of the license migration during the last months [15:54] <cresson> ok [15:55] <grizonnetm> I think that they will create the page after we graduate [15:55] <grizonnetm> note that the vote on the osgeo mailing list can take also some time [15:55] <grizonnetm> I'll keep you aware of the status [15:56] <grizonnetm> I'll try to see of it is doable to graduate before the foss4g-eu in JUly [15:56] <jmichel_otb> good [15:57] <VictorPoughon> let's try to recruit some new PSC members at the User Days :) [15:57] <guillaume_> +1 [15:58] <grizonnetm> @victor you can perhaps add this to your presentation "What's new in one year of OTB?" [15:59] <VictorPoughon> ok [16:00] <jmichel_otb> ok good [16:00] <jmichel_otb> more PSC member would be great [16:00] <jmichel_otb> anything else ? [16:01] <VictorPoughon> ok for me [16:01] <cresson> ok then [16:02] <grizonnetm> ok good, thanks again Remi for the release [16:02] <jmichel_otb> thanks [16:02] <VictorPoughon> ok thanks everyone! bye bye [16:02] == VictorPoughon [c2c7ac23@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [16:02] <cresson> no problem I wish I could be more present but very busy past month