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Part 1 : 15/12/2010

  • Development of the GUI
  • Redefine the architecture of the Monteverdi repository to allow the ppi management of new modules and applications based on it

Nothing change? create Sub repositories for Google Earth application's modules?

Part 2 : 15/06/2010

Use cases

Case 1: Automatic process

Data : Charter Product (.jpg?) + (.kml)

  • Process : Automatic Extract Roi (image + legend) -> Affine estimation -> KMZ production
  • TODO:
    • Generic test to validate the procedure (Module without GUI!!)
    • Automatic extract ROI

Case 2:supervised process without orthorectification

  • Data : Charter Product (.jpg)
  • Process : Manual or automatic Extract Roi -> GCP to sensor model (use OSM datas) -> KMZ Production

Case 3:supervised process with orthorectification

  • Data : Charter Product (.jpg)
  • Process : Manual or automatic Extract Roi -> GCP to sensor model (use OSM datas) -> Orthorectification -> KMZ Production

Teh orthorectification process is now realised by the 3D engine of Google Earth!

Dont forget

  • Production of a structured KML products needs a good analysis of the Charter products
  • How introduce temporal informations in the final product?
  • Customized applicaton based on Monteverdi
  • Focus on the need to a simple IO applications for producing "Image to KML"

Monteverdi Modules

Extract ROI

Import Tile Map (OSM)

  • DEV:
    • Freeze if no network interface available -> Search Error: fallback on the origin

NOTE: to prevent the freeze, check if it is possible to use the same method as in the CoordinateToName class: call to the network methods in a separate thread.

  • ENH:
    • PostGIS access
    • Import PNG (need generic approch - not now)
    • Rescale png image (cf mail otb-dev EC). TODO : contribution from C-S -> compression module
    • Replace OSM level by associated cartographic projection (1/20 000...)
    • Asynchrone connection to improve ergonomy

GCP to sensor model

  • ENH:
    • refresh GUI (in progress)
    • Add multiple viewer for OSM


    • Existing tools in gimp to perform palette segmentation?

General Questions/Remarks

  • Google earth proj geographic -> lib proj comme QGIS (lien avec OSSIM discussion à avoir avec EC)
  • streaming données vecteurs VectorDataProperties a la lecture dans le reader -> ??? Is there a size constraint on the vector data? What is the worse case we plan to have?
  • Visu -> hors perimètre car outil n'est pas un outil de visu
  • Cache obliger des données OSM -> forcé le cache
  • ajouter des données vecteur via Postgis -> ???
  • ouverture d'un kml sertit ne fonctionne pas et ne libère pas la données image associée
  • Pertinence d'un outil de recalage vecteur/vecteur -> se servir de la classe ITK ImageDistanceMap dispo cf Examples/Filtering/DanielssonDistanceMapImageFilter.cxx.


  • Test with real Datas.

With different resolutions, jpg, kml...

    • Sertit :
    • ZKI
    • Haiti SRTM 3


    • Generic test to validate the procedure
    • KMZ filter to produce a pyramid image (=>OTB contribution, for now it is in the GE-Project)
    • Monteverdi Module for KMZ exportation
    • 2 km errors during exportation to GE (problem precision in lat/long) -> Use Physical Points
    • Production of a KMZ not KML: Need to provide GUI to allow user to integrate images, logos, dates (based on the "Simple Text Editor") example of FLTK
    • Add orthorectification to WGS84 (OTB library)
    • Implement the Case 1 (automatic) KML to KMZ
    • Review of the GCP to sensor model : Estimate a affine transformation + allow to load a list of GCP need to complete
    • Module wizard
    • Automatic segmentation of vector layers
    • Generic process to export datas to Google Earth


    • Size of associated windows of gcp to sensor model module


  • Extract the region of interest on the VA product (we can imagine an automatic procedure which will extract the ROI and the corresponding legend from the product)


  • Georeferencing the input VA product with Open Street Map layer (or by import a GCP list from a XML file)

Screenshot GCPToSensorModel.jpg

  • Export the new product as a KMZ file in Google Earth (Note that the legend area appears in a separate file)

Screenshot GE.jpg