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The OTB Line Segment Detector implementation has been revamped in OTB 3.10.

Revamped Classes:

  • otb::LineSegmentDetector

- the reliability has been greatly enhanced,

- the algorithm has been updated regarding the official website [1],

- the filter returns an otb::VectorData containing the segments instead of a LineSpatialObjectList,

- the use of this class is shown in the LineSegmentDetectorExample.cxx.

New Classes:

  • otb::StreamingLineSegmentDetector

- this class is the streamed version of the otb::LineSegmentDetector,

- it is equivalent to the ImageToLineSegmentVectorData.

  • otb::VectorDataToRightAngleVectorDataFilter

- this class is the equivalent of the otb::LineSpatialObjectListToRightAnglePointSetFilter,

- it applies the right angle detection algorithm on a vector data containing segments and return a vector data containing points,

- it is fully compatible with the new LineSegmentDetector version.

- the use of this class is shown in the RightAngleDetectionExample.cxx.

Deleted Classes

  • otb::ImageToLineSegmentVetorData

- it has been replaced by otb::StreamingLineSegmentDetector that provide the same capabilities.