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Name: Mosaic

Author: Rémi Cresson <remi.cresson[at]>

Copyright: OTB CECILL V2

Description: Filters and one application dedicated to images mosaicking

Repository URL: git clone


This module provides components for images mosaicking. It aims to produce mosaics from any number of inputs, without restriction on images size. Seamlessness of generated mosaics can be ensured by feathering. A new color/radiometric harmonization method is implemented (Cresson R., Saint-Geours N. "Natural Color Satellite Image Mosaicking Using Quadratic Programming in Decorrelated Color Space" in IEEE JSTARS, vol. 8, issue 8, July 2015). It is parameter-free, and deals simultaneously with any size or number of images, with any spatial layout, and without any single reference image.


  • OTB >= 4.0.0
  • ITK >= 4.0.0

Tested Compilers

  • MSVC 12
  • GCC 4.6, 4.9