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  • These are the applications that will be shipped with OTB 3.0
    • Urban area extraction (Pléaides, CSK, QB, Ikonos, TSX, SPOT5)
    • Image to Data Base registration (Pléiades/QB to BDTopo)
  • The library will include these additions
    • Radiometric indices (vegetation, water, soil)
    • Optimized texture computations including Haralick, SFS, Pantex, Edge density
    • Object-based segmentation and filtering
    • Visualization refactoring
    • LSD line segment detector and right angle detector
    • PCA computation
    • Automated loading of radiometric correction parameters (SPOT, Ikonos)
    • Attribute support for shapefile (reading only)
    • Optimization of vector data
    • Updated OSSIM library
    • Updated ITK library
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes (support for gdal 1.6)

The release is scheduled for May 11th 2009.