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  • Version number for this release. Do we need to release a minor version and release otb 4.0 when the migration process to ITK v4 will be completed ?
  • Code name proposals
    • Gimme 5!
  • Release : May 2011
  • Dashboard:
    • 0 Warning
    • Tests in Failed (//TODO clarify situation;list/sort remaining issues -> Wavelets, SAR orthorectification...)


  • itkv4 support (work in progress postponed to the next release?)
  • HDF4/HDF5 Support (Modis products)
  • Improvements in complex data support
  • polarization functionnalities (integration of contribution from C. Tison)
  • framework for information fusion based on Demspter Shafer theory based on Vincent Poulain Thesis on : "analysis of high resolution SAR and optical remote sensing images to update cartographic databases (buildings and roads in urban environment). "
  • Estimate pipeline memory usage and optimal stream divisions.
  • contributions to the MultiTemporal directory (//TODO list filters)
  • contributions to a new Hyperspectral directory? (//TODO list filters)
  • Bug-fixes and improvements of the Line Segment Detector filter (now outputs a VectorData and has results very close to the reference implementation)
  • Many improvements to the VectorDataToImageFilter, so that it can now be used to render either binary or openstreetmap style.


  • new applications to perform orthorectification without parameters
  • application to perform optical calibration and atmospheric corrections (supported sensors list: QuickBird, WV1, WV2, IKONOS, Spot5)
  • application to perform classification on multiple images
  • New applications in Utilities (//TODO list filters)
  • DEM converter based on OSSIM-icp


more informations about the methodology here : Connected_component_segmentation_module

  • Improvements of the homologous point module
  • refactoring of orthorectification and reprojection module
  • New module to estimate image statistics
  • Monteverdi User Guide Draft


  1. List of classes
  • ImageFunction of object detection
  • FunctionToImageFilter
  • HistogramOfOrientedGradient
  • BandMathImageFilter
  • complex pixel type support (read/write)
  • StreamingStatistics? StreamingCompareImageFilter?
  • based classes to perform object based Image classification? (already available in ITK 4.0 wrappings)
  • Connected component segmentation