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  • Jpeg2000
    • Contribution to OpenJPEG project
    • Support of Pleiades image format
  • OTB
    • Hyperspectral contributions
    • Simulation contributions
    • Disparity map : Marc2 contributions
    • Compressed sensing classes contributions
  • OTB-Documents
    • Example contribution of C Proisy for "Monitoring canopy grain of tropical forest using Fourier-based textural ordination (FOTO) of very high resolution images"
  • Monteverdi
  • OTB-Wrapper (release in October 2011)
    • gis wrapper with repositories to install it for QGIS day in October
    • KEO wrapper
  • Wrappers
    • Review/refactoring?
    • wrapper to CLI, QT app, QGIS plugin, Python, KEO, Risk chain, Monteverdi, WPS service
    • Plugin architecture?
    • Auto documentation?