OTB 3.16

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  • Third parties
    • Jpeg2000
      • Sync internal OpenJPEG after the release of openjpeg v2?
    • ITKv4 migration
      • Status of compatibilities with ITKv4?
    • Sync with OSSIM (report patches and bugs upstream)
    • Remove edison library
  • Contributions
    • Disparity map : Marc2 contributions
    • Compressed sensing classes contributions
    • SOCIS 2012 : interferometry
  • OTB
    • Homologous points extraction application (with binning strategies)
    • Refining of sensor models in Orthorectification, Superimpose and StereoRectification applications
    • Feature extraction application
    • Integrate OpenCV as a backend for machine learning tasks
    • OBIA : Compute image features on a OGR datasets
    • OBIA : Learning and classification on OGR datasets
  • OTB-Documents
    • Example contribution of C Proisy for "Monitoring canopy grain of tropical forest using Fourier-based textural ordination (FOTO) of very high resolution images"?
  • Monteverdi
    • Monteverdi Viewer v2 beta?
  • Wrappers (engine)
    • Generic Extract ROI for input image?
    • Allow to change the encoding for output image lists