OTB 3.2.2

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Required improvements with May/June release of the OTB project

Orfeo Toolbox

  • Clean up the mess in the Visualization module to avoid rescaling with 0 255 uchar pixels image
  • Simplify the formula which calculates the X_Pixel_Spacing and Y_Pixel_Spacing in the Visualization module
  • Factor all the CURL calls in otbCURLHelper


  • Caching module: save the Ossim image keywordlist of a cached product to a .geom file (tmp). Need to add this option in the otbImageFileWriter (without breaking the pipeline)
  • Monteverdi must compile without CURL
  • The GCPToSensorModel module need to work without CURL and without Internet connection


No release expected


  • OTB-Python-Wrapping in progress...
  • Need to populate the Dashboard (Java+Python) with other platforms (Ubuntu 9.10;Windows;Mac)